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Evolution of Man - funny
B.C.E. – BEFORE COMMON ‘ERROR’ – (A Note on Time.)
July 13, 2012
The 30 Years War
THE 30 YEARS WAR: A Recipe for Disaster!
July 26, 2012
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EPIC FAIL: Up and Coming Categories…

  1. In the Beginning there was The Word and the word was: FAIL! (Creation Myths)
  2. Biblical Fails and Stuff: Behind The Book (s)
  3. Gods, Titans, and Spartans
  4. The Rise and FAIL of Rome (Gladiators and Emperors)
  5. The Medieval Times: A Guide to the Dark Ages
  6. The Renaissance: Revelations, and Revolutions
  7. Pilgrims, Pioneers, and Pirates (Oh My!)
  8.  A World War… or Two…
  9. An Epic Century of Triumph and… FAIL-ure!
  10. The ‘Post-Modern’ Era



Erik Slader
Erik Slader
Erik Slader is a blogger, barista, web tech, digital artist, gamer, comic book aficionado, and history buff. Creator of “Epik Fails of History” and writer for

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