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October 31, 2012
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THE HUNDRED YEARS’ WAR – Featuring: Joan of Arc and The Black Plague!
November 5, 2012
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EPIC FAIL… a chronology of historic short-comings

Epic Fail’* (ep-ik, feyl) – verb / noun

-A Definitive Encyclopedia to History’s Worst Mistakes and Most Devastating Failures (by: Erik Slader)

WARNING, this blog contains lots of potentially offensive language, and historical facts, proceed with caution… and a sense of humor! ;D

“EPiK FAILs” is essentially a history book… with F-Bombs!

History itself is an endless source of heart-wrenching human drama, explosive action-packed adventure, and most of all: rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-one’s-ass-off comedy! It’s also a poignant reminder to learn from the mistakes of others… while proving that even the greatest figures in history had their flaws/FAIL(s). We here at the make-believe ‘offices’ of “EPiK-FAILs” have made it our ongoing mission to seek out and record the most Epic Fails of history!

Dear College Students: If history just aint your subject, and you find big old dusty Text Books about Dead Old Dudes incredibly boring, and better for rolling papers, but still need to pass a class, you’re in luck. You see I’ve studied my ass off to regurgitate all this useless trivia junk in a form you understand. I envy you, because when I was struggling to stay awake during long-ass monotone lectures from Old Dudes in Tweed with less personality than Ben Stein I really wished I had a blog like this to refer to. To help me put it all in perspective, and answer the question that most history classes fail to answer: why do we give a fuck? Well, my goal is to help you give a fuck, and possibly pass that mid-term.

The following essays chronicle the disastrous events that somehow led to today, and illustrate mankind’s innate ability to Fail upwards…

B.C.E. (Before Common “Error”) – A Note On Time


The Epic (fail) of Troy 1250 BCE (aprox)

Emperor Nero: Worst-Approval-Rating-Ever 54-68 CE

The HUNDRED YEARS’ War 1337-1453 C.E. / A.D.

Christopher Columbus: Discovers the Caribbean 1492

30 Years of pointless-European-wide-war 1618-1648

The Salem Witch Trials 1692

The-War-of-1812? 1812



–Disclaimer: I do not own the images/memes embedded in the essays included therein, and am not associated with Fail Blog.

*I do not plan on posting any essays/articles pertaining to modern day politics, for several reasons: namely history has yet to sort out the facts, there’s obviously a lot of strong feelings attached to certain political parties / candidates, and I’m a firm believer in not telling others what to think. I do however encourage others to do their research and weigh all options / variables from both sides.

Sources Cited coming soon….

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Erik Slader
Erik Slader
Erik Slader is the creator of “Epik Fails of History” a blog (and podcast) about the most epic fails… of history. With Ben Thompson, Erik is the co-author of the Epic Fails book series. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media, once managed a comic book shop, has a weakness for fancy coffee and currently lives in Green Cove Springs, Florida with too many cats.

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