Epik Fails podcast Ep 6
Ep 6 – Curse of the Willy Dee and the Great Emu War of 1932! (with Devin Clark)
January 29, 2019
Epik Fails Episode 8 - The Civil War
Episodes 8 and 9: THE CIVIL WAR – A War Between Brothers (2 Parter)
March 24, 2019
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Erik and Ben go to Washington! (President’s Day Special)

Epik Fails - Episode 7

Episode 7 – Erik and Ben go to Washington! (A President’s Day Special)

It’s our (belated) “On Brand” President’s Day special! – Erik Slader and Ben Thompson are invited out to do a book signing at the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC – before being thwarted by the longest government shutdown in American history… because of course. (Erik documents the shenanigans along the way with the lovely Meghan Kaminski)

Update: Erik and Ben did eventually get to do their signings at the Smithsonian a few months later!

*Also included: a preview of the latest EPIC FAILS book: “Not-So-Great Presidents”!*

Episode 7.5 - State of the Podcast

Episode 7.5 – State of the Podcast


Bonus clip! – Ben and Erik in front of the (closed) Smithsonian’s American History Museum in Washington, DC:

Erik Slader
Erik Slader
Erik Slader is the creator of “Epik Fails of History” a blog (and podcast) about the most epic fails… of history. With Ben Thompson, Erik is the co-author of the Epic Fails book series. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media, once managed a comic book shop, has a weakness for fancy coffee and currently lives in Green Cove Springs, Florida with too many cats.

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