October 31, 2013
Luke Evans - Dracula Untold

The Secret Origin of DRACULA: VLAD the IMPALER!

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, Drăculea 1431–1476 Many of the horror movie classics over the past hundred years have drawn on spooky legends and creepy myths from various […]
February 2, 2013

The "BATTLE" of KARáNSEBES: The Friendliest of Fires!

The Battle of Karansebes: September 17th + 18th, 1788 CE. ————The Austro-Turkish War: 1787-1791 ———————————–Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790) Karánsebes / Caransebeş – [car-on-zeb-ish] (located in modern-day Romania) The Battle […]